Hold Harmless. All participants of Gamers Vs Covid-19 charitable activities are willing participants in such activities and as such hold Peach Maria Productions, LLC and all subsidiaries, properties and partner brands harmless against any and all suits, claims, and obligations which may be incurred in performing services independent and/or in support of charitable activities originating from contact and/or communications from www.gamemaster.tv and the links found therein. No parties shall have a right to bind, contract, or obligate Peach Maria Productions, LLC its subsidiaries, properties or partner brands in the performance of services resulting from such charitable acts proposed by the site www.gamemaster.tv. Parties engaging in charitable activities proposed do so freely with the understanding that no individual or personal guarantee of compensation has been made to any individual party participating.

Privacy Policy:
Peach Maria Productions, LLC/GAMEMASTER is devoted to ensuring that your privacy and personal data is protected. Peach Maria Productions, LLC/GAMEMASTER has a firm policy of protecting the confidentiality and security of your personal data and contact information. We do not share your personal information with unaffiliated third parties. Information will only be shared as required to match parties requesting to support the Gamers Vs Covid program and for prize fulfillment for those participating in the making and delivery of product and/or participating in the awareness campaign(s), in accordance with all applicable laws.